Way of The MAGI

An integrated system that educates and trains how to use highly effective strategies that once learned, give access to abilities and know-how you did NOT have access to before.  RESULT = swift, effective, long-lasting and meaningful change ANYWHERE in life desired.

How will you best CHOOSE A Path, Course, or Guide?

To get what you want? …

And why are you really here?


When we visit a website for the first time, most of us ask, “what is here for me?”  We want something, even if we don’t know what that is.

So, HOW DO YOU choose? — to keep checking a site out, and what workshop, course, guide or path will get you what you want?

These questions, and way better questions are at the core of what I educate and train individuals to do … what The Way of the MAGI is about …

To get more clear on what you REALLY WANT, go to my page, “Start Here”.


What “The Way of the MAGI” is

“The Way of the MAGI” (WOM) is a synthesized and integrated evolving approach/system that is not content specific, but process — with highly effective strategies to get access to and use what we know.

Process is about things such as our way of thinking, understanding, inquiring, healing, growing, evolving, life strategies, and living and being.

Said another way, WOM is a conscious and deliberate way of adventuring into one’s own deeper truths, psyche, soul, and magnificent essence, by learning brilliant high level strategies, tools and skill sets that once learned, give access to abilities, knowledge and know-how that you did not have access to before.  Really useful things! 

WOM gives you what you need to be way more successful in whatever you choose, and however you define “success” for yourself.

Simply put, you get to stop hoping, wishing and praying to change what you want to change, and instead live life by design, not by default.

How This Is Different

NOT about adding, programming, motivating, or fixing you!

I do not want to add something to you, do something to you, program you, motivate you, or psyche you up. And most definitely NOT fix you.

I want to assist you to stop resisting your magnificence.  You do that and most everything else in your life works — becomes filled with ease, power and freedom!

You are far from broken, even though your behavioral and emotional patterns, ways of thinking, and much of what you have learned probably doesn’t work for you when it comes to living life in ease, power and freedom.  But you are NOT broken.

What is broken is much of our civilization with its broken governments, politics, economics, education, and systems and approaches to care for each other, care for our communities, and care for all life and our planet.

Most of what we have learned, and what we do is resist who we are, our magnificence.  In our resistance, we don’t feel life nor are present to and in life!  We have learned, MASTERFULLY learned, how to resist ourselves.  This resistance permeates humanity, and globally humanity is in a metacrisis!

Highly Effective Change

Well beyond coaching, life hacks, or knowledge!

Have you gone from one seminar to another workshop to yet another coach or process or the next big thing?

Have you wondered why some people (few and far between) are able to make real change, but why almost everyone else just changes little by little?  What about real change?  Big change?  Transformation?


Beyond Coaching

Coaching is great.  And I offer some of what coaches do — a support system to make the changes you want.  However, that is where the similarities end.


Beyond Life Hacks

LIfe hacks are wonderful, as they have short cuts to do things faster or better.  However, when it comes to our lives — the complexities of what we are as human beings — making true change takes way more than life hacks here and there.  It takes an entire system and approach that accounts for the complexities of our human design.


Beyond Knowledge

The Way of the MAGI is much more than a series of life hacks, coaching, or a buffet of personal growth modalities.

And although I could offer such a buffet, it would not come close to what happens you learn what is contained within Way of the MAGIan entire system and approach that results in swift, effective, long-lasting and meaningful results.  

This is actionable knowledge, which means you access the knowledge to where you take action, instead of just having information that you just never use.

Life By Design, Not Default

Want to lose weight, or stop smoking, or make more money, or have better relationships, sex, love?  How about learning what assists you in all of those and most everything else in life, without having to take courses in all of them individually?  Learning the underlying principles of what governs most things in life allows this.

WOM is not just for individuals and their lives.  It is much bigger.  In time, I suspect some businesses/organizations, probably small at first, will want to get educated and trained on how to do what they do better.

Yes, I think the knowledge and wisdom I have learned, earned, and been given is that good. Time will tell.

Two Messages

How I can serve you now is with two very different types of messages. The first is in the next section. 

I intend that they percolate within you, and give you two things, the same two things I give throughout my introductory info resources.

One — greater access to ease and power in making better assessments regarding what you may want, and if that aligns with what anyone may be offering (including me)
Two — add to your life and journey in a way that is well worth investing a little of your precious time, energy, and attention in reading these two different messages I wrote, and anything else I wrote for you

Yes, much of what I write is intended for you — and almost every one of you will dismiss this now.  However, for those of you that continue with my material, in time some of you will discover how and why this is accurate.  The day that happens will be a very special day in your life, as you will have uncovered something GRAND, FANTASTICAL, and YOURS!

One message is to you dear ones that FEEL life more than you think life.  I hear you — Just tell me a story.  Have me smile.  Make me laugh.  NO bullet points, bottom lines and facts.

And the other message is to you dear ones, that think life more than you feel life.  I hear you —  Yes!  Give me those bullet points, bottom lines, and facts.  And make sure that story has a clear point, even though I love stories.

I think AND feel we all need some measure of both.  I know when I dwell in just one (thinking or feeling) the tapestry of my life loses color.  I invite you to read both.

You Could Squirm, But That Is Not Why You Came

You could resist life, squirming against the immensity of it all.  And squirm we do!  I know firsthand — call me master supreme extraordinaire and exalted one of SQUIRM.  But I doubt you came here to squirm.  Something wondrous and magical awaits those of you that stop squirming … 

As you read my message “WATCH! LISTEN! SENSE! KEEP REACHING …”,

I suggest:  

How do the words feel?

How does this message find you?  

What reaches your heart of hearts?  

Are any messages, hidden meanings, and/or synchronicities coming to you?   Memories?

Are you any more aware of what you may want OR don’t want?


NOTE:  To you dear ones that think life —  your message is soon. Check back on 6/13/24.

Watch!  Listen!  Sense!  Reach!  Keep Reaching …

To you dear ones that feel life ...


Watch for the wise ones who point you to shine light on YOUR truth,

and you cry as they illuminate what was once dark.



Listen for the elders who train you to whisper to your Soul,

and you resonate as they sing a song you hear in your heart of hearts.



Sense the perceptive ones who teach you to know your true Self,

and you laugh as they notice how you evade your magnificence.



Reach for the leaders who implore you to seize the inner knowing you feel in your bones,

and you tremble as they loosen your grip on the lies you held so tight.



There are those of us who wait — calmly alert, and alertly calm.

Some of us not so calm.


We poke and evoke, inform and transform.

We are really good at it!


And we are among you — the good ones!

But you must keep reaching,

Enough to stumble when you really want to find us.


And when you look, open your eyes — really wide.

Try a very cold shower, a dawning sun, or a lot of caffeine.

Stop eating for a couple of days.

Or be alone in nature for three — that will open.


And do the unexpected.


Start small.

Reverse your toilet paper roll.

Take a route to work you never take.

Eat what you never eat.

Watch what you never watch.


Go bigger.

Call the friend you never call.

Forgive that person you never forgave.

Say you are sorry to that person you didn’t.

Visit that person you never visit.


If you keep reaching, open your eyes wide, and do the unexpected,

You WILL stumble.


You HAVE to stumble!


You can only find us when you are not looking in the ways you always do.

If you look as you always look, you will find what you always find.

We, the good ones, are not found where you always look.











Silly!  You would have already found us!









So reach.









So really reach.









Keep reaching.









Now open your eyes.







Open them really wide.










Do the unexpected.










Yes, you can start small.










But you may need to go bigger at some point.










And stumble.










You MUST stumble.










Really stumble!










Are you reaching?










Really reaching?




















Hi.  We got you!