The Way of The MAGI

A way of life using a forgotten code that unlocks power so effective it appears as magic!


This is the day I died … for the second time.


“Your window is closing.  You must ask …”

I had just happily gotten off the beaten path, and scrambled up to one of my favorite hidden spots among boulders.  They are too hard to get to for most people.  Solitude.  I had a lot on my mind.  I sat looking out onto the city.  I could already see trees turning colors that marked fall.  Plenty of daylight left.

Then I heard it. A disembodied voice.

“Your window is closing …”

S — “Whaaat!?   Where are you!?  Who are you!?”  

Wind moved across my face.  Silence.

I felt iced air on my right side, inches from me.  I reached out and could feel where it started and stopped. column of cold air, about 3 feet in diameter.  I looked around for where this frigid air could be coming from.

More Silence.  It got even colder, just on my entire right side.  My arm hairs stuck up.  WTF.  Two very long minutes went by.

M —  “I have been waiting.”

Yep.  I definitely heard that!  A low rumbling voice, but something else — I couldn’t quite place it.  I looked around and noticed an outline of a body.  Quite a distance above and to my right.

S —   “Hello?  Who are you?  What do you mean?”

I had a new definition of creepy.

M —  “I have been waiting.”

S — I’ve heard voices before, being narcoleptic.  But rarely whole sentences defined.


M — “I am a MAGI.”

S — Then I saw him as he moved towards me.  Towering.  Dark eyes. A distinct face wrinkles. Lean and wiry.  He reminded me of one of my professors at U.W. — Madison.  A professor of stories.  My professor had unbridled energy, always!  He captivated over 500 of us in the lecture hall.

This man stood much taller.  Clothes out of a renaissance fair.  A handmade overcoat leather.  And his boots — blackish cracked leather with leather laces and lashes circling round his ankles. 

But his hair!  Striking black hair.  Long, wavy, and deep black as if light got sucked in and stayed trapped.  It was unnatural.  He must have been in his late 60’s

S — “What do you mean — a MAGI?  What are you doing up here?”

MAGI — “What are YOU doing?”

S — “I was just wandering around.  I like this spot.”

MAGI — “No one JUST wanders.”

S — He’s ignoring my questions.  Yep.  This guy was probably another one of those cryptic Boulder narcissistic full-of-himself woo-woo guru types.  A few of them WANDER around Boulder.  I thought about saying something like that out loud.  But these types get too offended.  But more of those thoughts rumbled around in my brain.  No.  This man WAS different.

MAGI — “Little of what you believe is true.  You think you wander around.  Your WANTING wanders you.  But you do not yet know your wanting.”

S — I waited.  He had to say more.

MAGI — “Your WANTING asked for me 8 months ago.”

S —  I felt weirdly ok now.  His presence was, well, was present.  He calmed me.  That always felt good as I always wanted to jump out of my skin.   I reached out my hand again to my immediate right.  The column of cold air still there.

“Eight months ago!  Well, you took your time then.”

MAGI — “You were not ready.  Your window of opportunity closes. You must ASK your question!”

S — I’ve read many adventure quests!  What?!   Did I just meet my very own Socrates or Donald Shimoda?

“Listen.  Tell me who you are, or leave”

MAGI — “More control is not why you came.  You came to let go.  Your window closes the more you try to control what you do not know.”

“I am a MAGI.  

S — “OK!  FINE!!  But, what’s going on?  And what’s with this window closing?”

MAGI — “That is NOT your question.  You will not ask for the same reason you do ask about how you know within that you running out of time.  You don’t believe!”

S — I sighed.  I felt the weight on me heavier.  My trauma, my loss, my fear … so so heavy.  I don’t seem to ever get a break, and more get’s piled on.”

MAGI — “I waited years for you.  The weight you now feel — even heavy back then.”

S — “Wait!  I thought you said 8 months!?”

MAGI — “You ARE paying attention. You waited many years to ask for my guidance.  Then you asked for me, but it took you 8 months to believe I would answer.  Your waiting has cost you dearly.  You have a few days to ask your question.”

S — I felt the truth of his words, even though I didn’t know all of what he talked about. But I felt truth.  I felt warmth rush through my body.  

MAGI — “The warmth you are feeling now is from truth I have spoken.  Your truth.  Your body tells you it heard a deeper truth.  It is part of an inner compass we all have, but is forgotten.”

“Listen.  Your life depends on all of what I am about to share.  I am a MAGI.”

“MAGI are modern-day magicians, master the use of integral knowledge that all reality is energy. They direct energy to transform their world in service to others and humanity.”

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MAGI — “I came to you now as you could learn to be a MAGI.  But your window closes.  You are going to die if you do not ask. 

S — My head swam in fog.  I struggled to keep my eyes open.

Did they close?

I heard people talking loudly, coming up the boulders few ever come up.  I noticed the sky turning crimson, but it was too soon.  I didn’t remember that much time going by.  

I felt my head swim more.  

Screams pierced my brain fog — I heard it all clearly now.  People screaming.  Others barking directions to get help.

A woman yelled out, “He’s here!”

I felt the MAGI grip hard on my wrist now — sternly shaking me, calling to me.  

MAGI — “Seeker!  Seeker!”

Seeker — The MAGI pulled hard on me, leading me away from where I had sat.  How long did I sit I wondered.

MAGI — “I will explain everything later.  We must leave now!”

Seeker — I looked back.

“no.  No!  NO!”  

A group had gathered around someone laying where I had sat.  

Flashlights and headlamps moved around.  The crimson sky had disappeared.  What happened to time?

Peeking out from the people moving around, I could see a bright red shell on the person lying there.  A body.

How could I see that?

I had put on a red shell this morning.