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Understand more of what you truly want by reading this, then answer 4 basic assessment questions. When you are ready to go deeper, do my complimentary 5-day exploration. You will understand more of who you are from your answers, and uncover deeper personal truths of what you truly desire. This sets a foundation for a life more aligned with your magnificent essence.

Why Are You Really Here?

Consider what I know to be better questions, better because you get higher quality answers:

    • What do I truly want?
    • How do I know that I want that?
    • How will I know when I get that?
    • How am I even making choices?

Few ever ask these questions, and fewer still fully answer them.  Yet getting those answers lead to not just higher quality answers, but higher quality:  jobs and careers; relationships; health; success; communications; choices; enjoyment; connection to our chosen form of higher power/intelligence/world around us; and an inner power to shape our communities for the better.

Deeper and better questions follow, but that is a rabbit hole — more like a wormhole — and that is getting ahead of myself and YOU. 


A Deeper Cut of Why You Came Here (or anywhere) …

What am I talking about?  Let’s start with why you came here. These are probably better questions to consider when you want something from any website, course or person:

    • How will I know who to listen to?  Read?  Learn from?  Ask for guidance?
    • How will I know when someone speaks to my truth?  My Heart and Soul?
    • How will I know when I stumble upon a path that might be right for me now?

I cannot answer these questions for you, and I won’t pretend that I could (though many do).  I don’t think anyone else should answer these questions for you!  When someone else answers these personal questions for you, you only end up with more negative consequences that outweigh any of potential positive consequences.  In any case — I am here for two pretty big reasons.

And what are those reasons?!   Thank you for asking!  I am sure you would have looked for this sooner than later.


Why I Am Here — My Role

I am here to remind you how wondrous life can be!
Some WHERE, some TIME, some HOW, some WHY, you knew this!
Even if it was but a glimpse, a glimmer or shimmer.
Have you forgotten or lost your way?
And to remind you who you are!
How far away are you from feeling the power and awe in how wondrous life can be?
That glimpse, glimmer and shimmer is your MAGNIFICENCE — who you ARE!


Everything that I DO (and AM) lives within this context.  My work is intended to enrich your life beyond your current beyond (what you even imagine your life could be).  Also my work educates you how to learn better from others.  How?  Some of why work gives you access to:

    • Your inner compass
    • Your deeper truths
    • Ability to make way better life choices
    • An uncanny skill to assess the truth for YOU of what anyone claims

OK.  Stick with me here, because now it gets really good.  And I am about to make more sense than oh, so so many other approaches, information, books, videos …


What Most Personal Growth Paths Really Do

Most personal growth paths actually add greater resistance to us remembering and accessing our magnificent essence.  They get in the way of us knowing, living and expressing who we truly are.  

In addition, our educational systems, governments, most religions, money systems, and those with a lot of money/power all have a vested interest in our continued resistance to our essence.  We are taught at a subconscious level many ways to resist.

Think of Madison Avenue with all of its marketing telling us: how much our bodies smell so we will buy such and such product; or how bad it is that our bodies age, so we need to buy such and such; or that we need such and such, because we are not cool looking enough, not rich enough, not attractive enough, not fashionable enough, not fit enough, not skinny enough, not strong enough, not smart enough.

I am NOT talking of some conspiracy.  I am pointing out that Western and modern civilizations have evolved (I would call it de-evolved) to keep power and economic systems in place, even though humanity on the whole experiences huge negative consequences (climate change is just one among many).

What about educating and training individuals in how to accept their inner authority, inner power, and inner knowing?  This is what WOM does.  WOM educates and trains individuals (and organizations) to accept the deeper truth of who they are, melting away resistance in the process.


Living In Acceptance Gets The Goodies In Life

When we live in acceptance, the opposite of what we are mostly taught (resistance), we experience the goodies in life:

    • emotional and physical intimacy
    • connection
    • love
    • pleasure
    • meaning
    • self actualizing
    • making a difference the way you want
    • being rich with personal freedom

In acceptance, you live with your own inner authority, personal power, and a vast amount more.  What awaits you in acceptance is vast, and within a realm of knowledge — what you don’t know that you don’t know.


So What Now?  Next Steps …

Before I meet a client for the first time, I ask them to answer 4 questions.  I call this The Magnificent Life Choice Assessment™.  I love naming processes by the way, as it makes my work more fun, naming things gives more power to the process, and the names help me to refer to the dozens of processes I have created, and keep them organized.

I learned through the years that the following 4 questions starts my process to get at what it is a person truly wants.  Remember, there is a chasm between what you think you want, and what you truly want AND NEED.

    1. What works in your life?
    2. What does not work in your life?
    3. What do you want to change?
    4. What in your past has supported you to make big changes?


Stay Tuned for My Complimentary 5 Day Magnificent Life Assessment Mini-Course