The Paradox Cure

Harness The Power That Drives Healing, Growth & Transformation – ACCEPTANCE. In The Paradox Cure Foundation Experience you swiftly move through whatever has you stuck and ineffective in life: YOU transform.

Paradox Cure Foundation Experience — Harness The Power That Drives Healing, Growth & Transformation

Why The Paradox Cure Is So Effective

The Paradox Cure is so effective because it does what almost no healing, personal growth and transformational modalities, organizations or approaches do. Instead of trying to direct and program our growth, The Paradox Cure takes the middle man out of personal growth — us trying to control our own healing, as if we know better than our body knows.

When we let our bodies and psyches do the work without controlling it, we heal, grow and transform tens to hundreds of times faster than when we try to direct, program, or control our body and psyche!

Can you get/ understand/ grok/ comprehend the significance of this? Almost ALL healing, personal growth and transformational modalities, organizations and approaches are terribly slow or just plain ineffective because they are getting in the way of our innate wisdom!

The Paradox Cure stops trying to tell the body and psyche what to do, and instead supports the body’s and psyche’s wisdom! The Paradox Cure helps us stop resisting so we can simply ACCEPT. Then, our innate wisdom and drive to heal, grow, transform and evolve occurs naturally, quickly, effectively, and permanently.

When You Transform During Paradox Cure, It Can Take Several Weeks To Know How You’ve Changed

People change so completely during Paradox Cure that often they are not even aware of what changed for weeks or months, or until someone points out what changed.

For example, when one of my clients returned 2 weeks later, he told me nothing had changed. I questioned him and found out to our surprise that he had not smoked pot for the entire 2 weeks before, even though he had smoked almost every day for over 10 years. He had been using pot as a way to deny and resist an emotional issue. During his Paradox Cure, he resolved his issue that he had resisted for well over 10 years. Again, he was shocked. But this is common.

When a person stops resisting something and accepts it, that change is real, permanent, and immediately part of their reality. It is a challenge for a person to realize their current reality is different from what it was just a day before. This rate of change is rare — because almost all changes are made by forcing or programming change, which is a massive resistance.

Centuries of Waiting — How Long Have You Waited?

Whatever stops you is most likely an issue that arises from a set of beliefs that your family has handed down through parenting and relating for many generations – generations of never resolving an issue that runs in the family!

How long have generations of your family waited to deal with an issue you all have? CENTURIES OF WAITING!

How long have you waited to resolve this issue? How long have you waited for The Paradox Cure?

Paradox Cure Foundation Experience

The Paradox Cure Foundation Experience is a 4.5 hour experiential body-centered journey where you work in your body, soul and psyche to:

    • Breathe To Thrive
    • Acknowledge Sensations & Emotions Without Judgments Or Labels
    • Feel Less Pain & More Pleasure
    • Enter Into A State-Of-Feel
    • Identify Your Unconscious Patterns & Resolve Your Unresolved Issues
    • Reclaim Your Inner Compass
    • Deal With What Stops You From Living Fully
    • Claim Your Deeper Truths

You connect with your body and psyche more deeply than you ever knew possible, and experience how your body and psyche uniquely work. This experience forever alters how you are in your body and life. You open to a new world of available pleasure and energy, and feel more alive.

Eventually you reclaim an aspect of your body that is present in all humanity, but mostly forgotten — your INNER COMPASS. This is how you can know your deeper truths at any time. You can know what is right for you no matter what anyone tells you. You can know when you lie about ANYTHING (to yourself or others), and when you speak your truth for the rest of your life.

Finally, a deeper truth of who you are becomes accessible. You will cry, transform and be astounded at the deeper truths you claim. You set yourself free of issues that have messed up your life, and stopped you from living fully. You transform how you handle everything in life!

What Happens In The Foundation Experience – A Journey

BREATHE TO THRIVE I guide you to discover how you interrupt your breath and how your interruptions negatively impact your energy, health and well being. Then you work through your breath interruptions and learn how to breath to THRIVE in your body (most of us only breath just enough to survive). You experience greater energy, and open up to what is only available with your new-found expanded breath.

ACKNOWLEDGE SENSATIONS & EMOTIONS WITHOUT JUDGMENTS OR LABELS A surprise to most everyone is how much they truly avoid feeling sensations and emotions. In your foundation experience I educate and train you to become aware of and feel every sensation and emotion. This opens up a new world of available pleasure and even more energy.

FEEL LESS PAIN & MORE PLEASURE — As you explore sensations and emotions, you find out how you unconsciously create pain in your body, and how you in this present moment create so much dis-ease and dysfunction. I teach you forgotten life skills so you can decrease pain and increase pleasure consistently whenever you choose.

The Paradox Cure works better THAN ANY DRUG, OR EXPERIENCE I have yet encountered to CONSISTENTLY deal with pain, and with NO side effects. I have so many stories where people have felt intense pain for 10, 20, 40, 50 years and during their foundation experience, for the first time they experienced pleasure.

One of my friends son had intense pain in his head from cancer. When he was 16, I met him, and after 30 minutes of Paradox Cure, he felt pleasure, NOT pain, in his head for the first time since he got cancer 10 years earlier.

ENTER INTO A STATE-OF-FEEL — Once you have experienced less pain and more pleasure, you enter into a State-of-Feel. For many people is the first time they feel fully alive, or so they tell me. You can not feel fully alive until you can enter a State-of-Feel.

IDENTIFY YOUR UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS & RESOLVE YOUR UNRESOLVED ISSUES — As you go more deeply into a State-of-Feel, your emotional patterns and unresolved issues spring up. I guide you to resolve your issues through acceptance (NOT therapy), and educate you about your unconscious patterns, and how they have kept your issues unresolved (resistance).

I train you to be able choose several different way to act and be. This disrupts your patterns that have messed up your life and created the unresolved issues in the first place. This transforms how you handle everything in life!

RECLAIM YOUR INNER COMPASS — Everything you have done until now in your foundation experience has led you to Reclaim Your Inner Compass. Your Inner Compass is an aspect of your body that is present in all humanity, but mostly forgotten. Your Inner Compass is how you can know your deeper truths at any time — whatever is truth for you.

How do you reclaim your Inner Compass? You reclaim it when you: fully connect with your body and enter into a STATE-OF-FEEL; feel your sensations and emotions without putting judgements and labels on them; accept everything within your body.

Your Inner Compass becomes one of the greatest gifts of your Foundation Experience. It blows everyone away that this even exists!

When you reclaim your Inner Compass, you are able to make dramatically better life choices with great confidence. You know what is right for you no matter what anyone or everyone tells you. Also, for the rest of your life, you can know when you lie about ANYTHING (to yourself or others), and when you speak your truth!

I saved my beloved wife’s life by using my Inner Compass and facilitating many Paradox Cure sessions for her – The Inner Compass changes so much about life!  Yes, I could write an entire book on the compass alone.

DEAL WITH WHAT STOPS YOU FROM LIVING FULLY — At this point in your journey, you will probably be crying like almost every client I have had. Some clients cry for the first time in many years.

Why would you be crying? Because you will have uncovered what has stopped you everywhere in your life. You are then faced with the opportunity to permanently deal with it. Most people take that opportunity! Only a few have said no, never to return.

Do you want to be a better person? Have more success? Become more powerful in your ability to change you and your life? When you choose to deal with what has stopped you from living fully, you get all of this!

CLAIM YOUR DEEPER TRUTHS — As you deal with what stops you from living fully, a deeper truth of who you are becomes accessible, usually for the first time. I guide you to claim your deeper truths. YOU HAVE MANY. Most realize that the ability to claim their deeper truths is a valid path to consciously evolve. As we claim our deeper truths, we don’t just evolve, we also dramatically ACCELERATE the rate of our evolution.

Paradox Cure is one of those I-don’t-believe-it-even-though-I-just-went-through-it sort of things that are so stealthily yet profoundly powerful that I am not sure I can do justice in explaining my experience. My life has changed immeasurably because of the Paradox Cure sessions I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

I have reclaimed aspects of myself I hadn’t known I had pushed away. I have become more confident, more powerful, and overall more joyful as a result. I have learned things about myself that I had buried so deeply that I doubt would have surfaced even after years of traditional talk therapy.

Paradox Cure is deceivingly simple. That may be why it’s so effective, because from my perspective while in a Paradox Cure session, I’m mostly just just lying down and breathing while answering questions about what I feel in my body. But do not be deceived. This has been life changing for me.

It’s also profoundly effective in a gentle way. I was able to safely and comfortably explore ugly aspects of my past (being raped, molested, and abused) as well as ugly beliefs about myself (feeling worthless, small, unlovable) without having to re-experience my trauma. I had no idea it was possible to gently move through my troubling and difficult issues.

I’ve also witnessed others in Paradox Cure sessions. I am able to observe people’s energy patterns and flow, and it was easy for me to observe big differences in people after their session compared to before it.

Once, in a group, I saw someone receive a huge a-ha piece of their life purpose in a 20 minute Paradox Cure mini session. This person has since gone on to begin teaching their wisdom to others, something they said they were afraid of doing prior to their mini Paradox Cure session. I can only imagine how much more powerfully they’d be serving others with more Paradox Cure!

Talyaa Liera

ORACLE, Shamanic Energy Healer, League of O.M. Co-founder

Paradox Cure Sessions

Your first session with me is a Paradox Cure Foundation Experience. Once you complete your Foundation Experience, then enjoy as many Paradox Cure Sessions as you like. Each session takes you further into your deeper truths, resolving issues, feeling greater pleasure, transforming YOU and your life. Everything in the foundation is expanded. The amount you want to heal, grow and transform is up to you.


Session Logistics

  • Each session is 2 hours
  • You can work with me over the phone, Skype, or in person.
  • I make notes on things you uncover and learn about yourself, plus my observations
  • After your session I complete my notes and email them to you — they include ways you resist, patterns of behavior, new ways you learned to behave and accept, realizations (usually several), life issues resolved, homework and next steps on your journey of conscious evolution
Too many people live as shadows of what they could be, because they rarely claim their deeper truths.

The Paradox Cure — An Expanded Understanding

Your Unresolved Issues Are Easy To Access — They Exist In Your Body 24/7

Whatever you want to change in your life but simply can’t, or are changing at a much slower pace than you want, is actually easy to change. How is this possible?

The answer is found in your body — or more precisely — what you resist in your body. All of our issues in life, unwanted behaviors, and what creates much of our pain and many dis-eases has to do with the fact that what we resist in our body creates pain and dis-ease.

I can easily help you uncover an unresolved issue in 20 minutes or less. How can I do that? All of these things remain unconscious but are now present 24/7 in your body! Though your life may have been run by an unconscious issue unbeknownst to you, it is in your body at ALL TIMES until it is resolved.

Therefore, it is easy to access ANY of your unresolved issues at any time.

The Paradox Cure — An Overview

The Paradox Cure is a way more effective approach to heal, grow and transform, more than almost any other modality. The Paradox Cure does the opposite of what almost all other paths do — it supports the innate wisdom of the body and psyche to do what it knows how to do best — heal, grow and transform. It does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even days to change quickly and permanently.

The Paradox Cure swiftly aids you to move through whatever has you stuck and ineffective in life by RUNNING TOWARDS AND ACCEPTING that which you resist. By accepting what you resist, you are able to QUICKLY make any change in your psyche/soul/life that you never could have before! It does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even hours to change quickly and permanently.

Don’t get me wrong — this is not a short cut.  The Paradox Cure takes great courage and work to face your demons, wounds, fears, and pain directly, and I believe as humans we should have known to do this all along — accept vs. resist.

How I Birthed Paradox Cure

The story of how I birthed The Paradox Cure can help you fully understand and appreciate its power and what it can do for you, for personal growth practitioners of all types, for those wanting to quickly heal, grow and transform, and for humanity’s evolution itself.

At age 17 my first spiritual awakening expanded my consciousness. Over a two week period after my awakening, unseen allies transmitted my life purpose and a question to answer — What drives all healing, growth, and transformation?  I focused more than 19 years of my life to find that answer, and in 2003 finally uncovered it — ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance drives all healing, growth, and transformation! The degree to which an individual can accept is how quickly they can change what they accept. And the opposite is observed — the degree to which an individual resists, is how slowly they can change that which they resist. Continual resistance means a person NEVER changes what they are resisting.

From that point forth in 2003, I gave up the dozens of methodologies and approaches I had learned, because nothing came close to the effectiveness of what I had uncovered. I simply facilitated my clients to accept that which they resisted. Within one session I assisted my clients to access AND MOVE THROUGH their core wounds, blocks, and issues that stopped them everywhere and anywhere in their lives. Now it takes less than 20 minutes.

What had taken months to years of using my high level therapeutic and coaching skills to achieve the result of moving through a personal issues, I whittled that time down to hours with The Paradox Cure. My clients obtained results with The Paradox Cure that I could never have obtained with any of the personal growth skills I had mastered before it.

The “PARADOX” of the Paradox Cure

The PARADOX of The Paradox Cure is that to change or get rid of something (such as emotional hurt, issue, feeling, experience, or belief) we must accept the very thing we want to change or get rid of.

We humans are wired to avoid pain. Often, the thing we want to change is something that feels terrible to us, or we fear it will feel or become worse. Again, the magic of the PARADOX is to run towards what we fear and don’t want anymore!

Hence the paradox — the very things we want the most — being fully alive, feeling good, loving and being loved, having health and wellness, enjoying abundance, creating and enjoying a great life are more quickly cultivated when we run towards exactly what we don’t want – pain, hurt, wounds, and fear.

Examples of the PARADOX:

Perhaps you believe you are a bad person/lover/spouse/employee.  If you want to change that, you must first run towards truly feeling all the ways you believe you are a bad person/lover/spouse/employee. Then your work is to claim your deepest personal truth of all the ways you are a bad person/lover/spouse/employee. Only then can you actually change your beliefs — and your reality.

It is difficult to change if everyone around you tells you the opposite of what you believe! If you believe deep down you are ugly and everyone around you says you are pretty, that does NOT help!  Those people only deny your belief (that you are ugly), and add to your resistance.

If you come to me and say, “I believe I am ugly”, then I will agree with you and ask you to tell me all the ways you believe you are ugly.  I will help you feel all the emotions that go along with how you believe you are ugly. ONLY then can you actually claim your truth, and accept that you believe you are ugly. THEN you are free to either take action, or not care anymore and put your energy into something other than resisting and doing all that you have done to try and not be ugly.

Once you no longer resist your belief that you are ugly, you can stop giving yourself “ugly” energy and finally move on with your life!

The “CURE” of the Paradox Cure

The CURE of The Paradox Cure is that it terminates many psychological conditions you resist along with the pain, contraction, and dis-ease in your body that emanated from the condition you resisted.  The Paradox Cure often restores many facets of health, because  ending your resistance helps you come into a greater acceptance of your essence, body, mind, and soul.

Doing the work of The Paradox Cure cultivates extraordinary vitality.  In addition, learning and using The Paradox Cure is a valid path to change MANY problems of the world, including the perennial challenges of simply being human.

Definitions of a CURE:
  • The procedure or treatment that ends a disease or condition, such as a change in lifestyle, or even a philosophical mindset that helps end a person’s suffering
  • Inherent in the idea of a cure is the permanent end to the specific instance of dis-ease
  • Restoration to health
  • A solution to a problem

I believe EVERYTHING would change for the better if people learned, explored, adopted and adapted The Paradox Cure for themselves, then used its simplicity of acceptance to heal, grow, and transform themselves.  When people change themselves and their reality, they change the world!

Why The Paradox Cure is so Different

The Paradox Cure goes against many personal, familial, societal and global beliefs (Life Rules).  The Paradox Cure tells you to run towards your pain, where most beliefs and personal growth paths tell you how to get rid of your pain, get away from your pain, or change your reality.

The Paradox Cure advocates that you actually run towards your pain to face it.

For example, I have a friend who came to me expressing his sadness and anger that he was not a good lover.  I said yes, you are not a good lover.  My acceptance relieved him, and then he shared how everyone in his support network (friends/men’s group/co-workers) all tried to tell him that his reality was not so.  I encouraged him to run towards his pain by affirming it, accepting it, NOT resisting it.

Once he accepted that he was a horrible lover, he was able to turn his personal resources of time, money, energy and creativity into learning to become a good lover instead of putting a lot of energy into that denial, that resistance and never address it.

Most Healing, Growth & Transformation Paths Create More Resistance

Most people resist their pain (major wounds/hurts/fears/demons) all their life, and will desperately do anything to get rid of their pain. But change NEVER happens and is simply not possible as long as a person fiercely resists what they want to change. Most healing, growth and transformation paths simply create more resistance, and are therefore ineffective.

Resistance is part of most personal growth, healing, or transformation work — programming people to change, using affirmations or spells or taps on their forehead or endless prayers. This is ALL resistance!  Trying to get rid of your pain is ALL resistance! Almost all paths try to help you get rid of your pain, and thus simply create more resistance! Do you understand the insanity in this?

You must run towards your pain! Feel it!  Only then can you accept it. Do you understand why you have been unsuccessful in trying to get rid of your pain? It is because you are trying to get rid of your pain.

When we stop trying to force personal healing, growth, and transformation to happen and simply seek out that which we resist, we radically heal, grow, and transform!  We evolve how we are meant to versus  a contrived programmed method that many personal growth approaches press upon us.

The Paradox Cure Swiftly Deals With Many Issues

The Paradox Cure easily addresses a range of issues, because when you stop resisting, you are able to change anything way more effectively, swiftly, with longer lasting and more meaningful results.  The Paradox Cure can easily address even stubborn and intractable issues.

  • Where you are stuck in life
  • Why you might be stuck & how to get unstuck
  • How to deal with pain, chronic pain & decrease pain & increase pleasure
  • Trauma – what it is, why it exists & how to deal with it
  • What is behind most dis-ease
  • Why emotional issues don’t resolve & how to resolve them quickly and effectively with long lasting results
  • How to reclaim healthy function, vitality & wellness
  • Why personal growth, healing or transformation is effective or why it is not
  • How to speed up the effectiveness of any personal growth, healing or transformation modality & approach
  • Why you get blocked from your power or feel disempowered/ helpless (often shows up as depression)
  • How to reclaim your personal POWER & HEALTH
  • What creates behaviors that stay on auto-pilot & how to interrupt those behaviors to create new ones that work
  • What is behind most addictions & how to deal with them
  • Why you might not be getting what you want & how to get it
  • Spiritual issues — crisis, angst
  • Conscious evolution issues
  • Societal and political issues
  • Crime fighting issues
  • Religious conflict — all parties, though, must be willing to connect with their body to be authentic with themselves — I have witnessed many people refuse to examine their beliefs or body truth if they get an inkling that their beliefs are actually not true.  Beliefs are actually not either true or false, but that fact is hard for anyone to accept until they have done massive personal conscious evolution work.

How Quickly You Can Change YOU & Your Reality With The Paradox Cure

How Quickly Paradox Cure Facilitates Change

The Paradox Cure is powerful, quick, effective, long lasting and meaningful.  You probably got that by now.

In fact, you can change more quickly than most people know is possible, because most people only know about talk therapy for change. Talk therapy is one of the slowest ways to change, because it is from the head. The head is wonderful to use for many things, such as strategizing, planning, scheduling, thinking, figuring out how to go to the moon.

However, patterns of behavior and emotional and spiritual issues exist in our bodies where we are unconscious of them. Talking hardly ever changes what is in the body.

Almost all change modalities are much quicker than talk therapy (cognitive/ behavioral therapy). Modalities that I can attest to first hand that are fast are – breathwork, shamanism, gestalt, body centered approaches, tantra. I have experienced and been trained in many more modalities.

However, once I uncovered the force responsible for healing, growth and transformation (acceptance – The Paradox Cure), I witnessed my clients changing 7-20 times more quickly. Some issues never shifted until I used Paradox Cure.

The path of ACCEPTANCE is to run towards what we fear — our pain, our hurts, our wounds. The faster you run, the faster you change.

The Paradox Cure Is NOT Therapy, NOT Personal Growth

It is so important to understand what I am saying — so much healing, growth and transformation is usually VERY SLOW because most methods do NOT work with the innate wisdom of our bodies and psyches. Once again our modern Western civilization is trying to control something that does NOT need to be controlled, but needs to be supported.

The Paradox Cure supports the innate wisdom and power of our bodies to heal, grow and transform. When we support our innate wisdom, we achieve unprecedented results.

Furthermore, The Paradox Cure is NOT therapy, because therapy is about changing a behavioral pattern. In Paradox Cure we do not try to change behavior, BUT actually connect with, amplify and experience more of what you want to change! I know this might seem crazy, but the more you try to change something, the more you resist and actually keep it in place.

Also, Paradox Cure is NOT a personal growth modality. Most personal growth modalities work by using some formula, system, or programming, which is a resistance in and of itself! Instead, Paradox Cure teaches people how to simply be with their bodies, psyches, and issues by connecting, amplifying and experiencing.

The Paradox Cure is a simple approach — ACCEPT that which you resist. Run towards your pain. There is no programming or trying to change the body in some way.

You Reclaim A Huge Amount of Energy When You Uncover What You Resist & Stop Resisting

Until we are enlightened, we are full of several things that we resist. Anything that we resist negatively influences us, mostly without our knowing. It takes a lot of energy to resist — emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy.

Our resistance takes massive energy, so much energy that most of us only have 10-30% of the energy we could have and should have! Again, by using Paradox Cure, you can uncover what you resist and stop resisting. Then you get a massive amount of energy back, energy you can use for so many things you may want to create or do or experience in life.

Common things we unknowingly resist:

  • Unresolved emotional and spiritual issues
  • Patterns of acting that don’t serve us
  • Unhelpful beliefs that we don’t even know about
  • Patterns of breathing
  • How we move our bodies, tense our muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia
  • Unresolved issues with people
  • Traumas and woundings

The Paradox Cure’s Teachings Greatly Improve How Other Approaches & Methodologies Work

Once a practitioner of growth, healing, transformation, healthcare or any type of change modality, understands what The Paradox Cure teaches about resistance and acceptance, then that practitioner will vastly improve their work.

They can cut to the core of what is needed for their client or patient, helping them accept what they resist. Unfortunately, when a modality is used, that modality still contains resistance, so  considerable speed and effectiveness of how a person changes is lost. Again, with an understanding of resistance and acceptance, a practitioner becomes way more effective!

How To Be In Your Body & The Here & Now — STATE-OF-FEEL

The Paradox Cure teaches and trains how to get into state-of-feel, or what is often referred to as “being in your body”.  Rarely does anyone teach this in a way that actually works.

How many times have you been told, “be in the here and how”, “be in the present moment”, “get out of your head, and into your body”, “be grounded”? However, are you also told exactly how to do it in a way that works, and works every time?

In a Paradox Cure session, I educate and train you the real nuts-and-bolts, rubber-meets-the-road, steps 1, 2, 3, 4… of how to be in your body! And it works every time.

Other Results From Paradox Cure

Many things that are possible within even a single Paradox Cure Session can seem unbelievable until you experience it yourself. I am not overstating anything on the list.

However, you may need 3-4 weeks to  become aware of what has changed, because the changes during Paradox Cure are permanent and so immediate that what you have changed becomes your new reality. It is as if the old reality never existed.


  • Change at a speed that most experts in the personal growth field rarely see or even think is possible
  • Vastly accelerate your ability to consciously evolve
  • Learn how to lessen any type of pain and increase pleasure anywhere in your body — physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, even with the most disabling or debilitating conditions such as pain from cancer, Lyme disease, MS … and learn how to do this on your own for the rest of your life
  • Learn how to help others with their emotional and spiritual issues far more effectively
  • Learn how to get far more out of any workshop, seminar, session or retreat for personal growth or conscious evolution work
  • Become a far more effective practitioner of any healing, growth, transformation or healthcare modality or approach
The Paradox Cure aids you to ACCEPT that which you RESIST.

Raving Fans — On The Paradox Cure — Raving Fans

When you meet someone… there are times when you just know there is something about them. Dave Donatiu is one of those for me.

I did the first interview with him on my radio program, Abstract Illusion Radio and during this one, we touched on a bit of my issues about not speaking my truth, withholding my true power…and he suggested that if I was open to this, he would come on again and continue the process of acceptance. I agreed and what a wonderful, releasing time it has been.

Dave hit it right on with my issues and quickly assisted me in acknowledging my resistance about speaking my truth and the reasons for it.  Dave guided me through a realization process and opened myself up to a deeper sense of my power and speaking my truths.

It was an amazing show that has blessed me in a new beginning for my relationships…with myself and others.  Thank you Dave… for all you are and be.  Blessings and Peace

Jennifer Hillman

Host of Abstract Illusions Radio

You make me feel that I have shown kindness to a fellow human, sure wish more people could experience the incredible sense of satisfaction.

You appear to have a natural talent for calmly talking to people.  You demonstrate a sincere warmth and caring to make life easier for anyone willing to lend an ear.  I admire that and would love to apply encouragement for cultivation.

The world needs more people like you, if a kind word kindles the spirit within then so be it.


Professional Speaker

“Anyone can do The Paradox Cure — with the condition that they are at least willing to feel their body to explore their resistance, AND be authentic with the truth of their body. Being authentic can easily and often does show a person that what they believe has been false.

Facing the fact that personal beliefs may be false can be so terrifying, that most people remain in their little box, a prison of their life. So many people are wiling to die, and do die, over maintaining their prisons! People even kill to maintain their prisons.

The killing, and dying in little boxes of rigid and unexamined beliefs will stop when people realize beliefs are NOT true or false, but just what THEY were given by others.

You can help change the world by doing Paradox Cure where you explore your deeper truths, challenge your unconscious beliefs, and accelerate your conscious evolution work. Do you want to be a powerful positive influence in this world? I offer one path (not THE path) to do your work quickly and effectively.”  — Dave Donatiu, Creator of The Paradox Cure, Co-Founder of League of O.M.

Dave is without question a pioneer in his field of accessing greater human potential.

When I say “pioneer”, I am not so much talking about content, as much as practical application.  What is both unique and extremely timely about Dave is his gutsy ability to practically apply principles we have read, heard about and longed for in our daily lives for years, and ground them firmly in the present.  He is not interested in “someday” or “in the future”; he is very much focused on NOW.

In other words, his approach bridges the gap between what many of us have read and known about accessing our deepest potential in life, yet have never been able to actualize–and brings us firmly and resolutely into a vision of EXACTLY what these principles look, feel, smell, and taste like in our everyday existence.

He provides the tools to give us in a surprisingly short period of time (depending on our dedication) what we thought might take us a lifetime to achieve.

Dharce G.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Practitioner