Blessing Guide

Learn To Bless With Power To Feel Better, Aid People Quickly, Cultivate Inner Power, Become Magnetic & Make The World A Better Place! Blessing Guide

Learn To Bless With Power — Feel Better, Aid Others Quickly, Cultivate Inner Power, Become Magnetic & Make The World Better!

“Blessing cultivates your personal power, your MOJO, and increases your ability to move energy in others and yourself. One of the first exercises of becoming a MAGI on The Way of the MAGI  path, is to bless all that you can. Blessing attracts more personal magic/MOJO than gratitude, forgiveness, acts of kindness, amends, prayer or penance.”  —  MAGI

“When a blessing is given and fully received, it activates heart energy within both the giver of the blessing and the recipient. Because Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and because heart energy directly connects to the force of Love, when a blessing is freely given and fully received it expands the field of Love.

Love and Destiny go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. And when one grows, the other grows as well. Thus, as blessings help expand the field of Love they also help grow the field of Destiny, making it easier for all of us to access this powerful energy flow.”     ORACLE

The Power Of Blessing


Blessing is one of the most powerful ways to help people, feel better, cultivate inner power, become magnetic, and make the world a better place! Blessing acknowledges the magnificence within each individual, and powerfully and effectively aids them to accept and align with their magnificent essence.

Blessing is the deceptively simple act of telling someone a truth about them. It is an act that kindles a spark of truth within someone, a deeper truth that continues to grow and light them from within. Your blessing radiates in them ever outward as they go about their life. Deeper personal truth holds incredible power.

One of the Most Powerful Ways to Help a Person Immediately — Bless Them!

One of the most powerful and quickest ways to to align with one’s destiny, whether that destiny is known or not, is from receiving blessings. Blessings aid those who receive them to feel immediately better, accept themselves more, radically change their energy in the moment, and align with their destiny — whether or not they know their destiny.

Cultivate Your Power to Uncover and Live Your Destiny by Blessing

Blessing also powerfully shifts the energy and alignment of the giver! Not only will the blesser align more with their Destiny, but they also become more aware of their inner power and passion, their essence. This awareness powerfully connects the blesser to their Destiny. Blessing changes the blesser in powerful unseen ways — the blesser becomes more compassionate, feels better about themselves and Humanity, and becomes more magnetic to attract both good in the world and allies to help with their Destiny.

Reclaim Ancient Wisdom Through Blessing

In ancient times and throughout many cultures, the giving of blessings and gratitude was commonplace. We humans have forgotten this ancient wisdom, mired as we have become in our modern culture and lifestyle. It is time to once again give one another the gift of activated heart energy through blessing — we believe humanity is in desperate need of it!

Blessing vs Kindness

The act of blessing someone is far more powerful than doing them a kindness. Blessing acknowledges the magnificence within each individual and helps them accept and align with their magnificent essence. Kindness is a gesture of finite nature — it does not grow.

Because blessing is such a powerful method of connecting with one’s magnificent essence, it aids people in getting closer to uncovering and living their destiny.

The saying, “it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness” speaks to the wisdom of blessing. So go ahead, bless away and help light up the darkness in our world! Again, Humanity desperately needs blessing, the light of many candles lit!

A Guide to Bless with Power — Necessary Elements for Effectiveness

Ways to Amplify Blessing Power

One of the most powerful gifts to give someone is to acknowledge them PUBLICLY. This greatly amplifies any blessing you give them. You can bless online where others can see (Facebook etc), or in a group meeting, seminar, workshop, retreat, group outing, gathering, or team. You get the idea — basically, bless someone in front of many people!  Next is an example of publicly blessing — a blessing to the MAGI from the ORACLE.

Disastrous Ways To Bless

Tell someone that you like how dutiful they are and how they do everything you want them to do. Oh, we could give more examples, but do we really need to? We find that most people know in their heart (if they bother to check) what is an unkind, bad, or mean way to say something nice. One easy way to know if what you said was positive, is to pay attention to someone’s non-verbal behavior (gestures, body language, facial expressions). Actually, just consciously pay attention to everyone’s non-verbal behavior — everyone that you communicate with.

We are still amazed that movies or TV shows portray so many characters  who ignore and miss the non-verbal responses of other characters. You do NOT have to be a simple ignorant movie or TV show character — you CAN actually pay attention to the impact you are having on others, simply by paying attention to their non-verbal responses.

A Blessing To The MAGI From The ORACLE

My beloved, I am continually blown away by the depth and breadth of your wisdom. Because of your years of accumulated knowledge, I now know ways to bestow blessings on people and to help show them their magnificence. I am impressed by how quickly you were able to dictate this material, seemingly off the top of your head, in an organized fashion. It’s as if you were born to offer this information!

I admire how passionate you are about wanting people to come together, learn a new model of community, and fulfill their destinies. Thank you for choosing to walk this path with me!

Blessing Exercise In a Group

This is a way to make blessing fun and to ensure that everyone gets a turn to both give a blessing and receive one.

One person starts and chooses one person in the group to bless. Then the person who received the blessing chooses someone else to bless that has not been blessed. This continues with each new person choosing someone who has yet to receive a blessing until everyone has received a blessing.

People should be blessed for the difference they make, qualities they cultivate, how we experience them, or what they do or say — not for anything they were given or born into.”  —  MAGI

THE BLESSING GUIDE: How To Bless With Power

Necessary Elements For Effective Powerful Blessing:  We consider all of the below to be necessary elements to make our blessings as powerful and effective as they can be.


Be Authentic

Only say what is true for you, not what the other person wants to hear or what you think they want to hear.

Be Positive to the Receiver

Say what is positive to the person you intend to bless, not what is positive to you.

Make Sure It is Received

We have found that it is important to ensure the other person hears us and takes in our blessing, so don’t just blurt out a blessing and then turn away. If the person you are blessing says something quickly in response, perhaps a muttered “thanks”, it might be good to repeat your blessing after urging, “Please, I want you to hear my blessing. You are worth it!”

Bless in Power Priority

Use the most powerful form of blessing you can. This list below presents blessings in order of their power to impact someone positively. Unfortunately, most people offer blessings from the lowest level — blessing power #5-#7. We humans must learn to value one another more for one another’s  qualities and acts rather than based on an inherent quality we were born with or into.

1 — Difference someone has made — in your life, both in the past or currently

2 — Inner qualities — internal qualities that someone has cultivated. Examples: devotion, loyalty, courage, integrity, generosity, compassion, dependability

3 — Personal feeling or experience — the way you feel around someone, or the positive experience you have of that person. Examples: calmer, inspired, loved, safe. Often, sharing your experience or feel of the person you wish to bless is powerful, because it is unassailable by the other person. This means they cannot deny your experience of them. They could, however, deny something you say about them that they don’t believe. For example, saying to someone, “you are smart” when in fact they believe they are stupid doesn’t do much good. A better way to tell them you think they are smart could be, “I enjoy it/feel good when you tell me your views. I find them very helpful.”

4 — An act someone has done or something they said — can be very problematic if the act is a purchase or acquisition of something (see #7). What works wonderfully instead is to speak of an act or spoken word that made a positive impact or difference to you or others. Example: “I found it inspiring the other day when you shared your story of helping take care of your mother when she broke her leg.” Or, “I love it when you give your time to Big Brother or stay after work to help out the interns or when you listen to my challenges with my wife — it always feels good.”

5 — Genetics (weak and problematic!) — the way someone appears, or something inherent within them they did nothing to get and is not a quality they cultivated  — height, looks, body features, attractiveness. However, the following can work instead because you are blessing them for choices they made — how they applied their make-up, the choices they made with their wardrobe that day, or how they shaved their head to deal with their receding hairline.

6 — Born into or inherited (weak and problematic!) something someone has only because they were given it, inherited it, or were born into it. Examples: a great castle, or a home that their parents gave the.. It would be so much more powerful to bless them about what they did with their inherited acquisition — “I love that you make your castle available for free every year for the fundraiser.” Or, “I love that you bought your dishes from local artists” or, “I love that you offer your castle for gatherings of your soccer club buddies to hang out. It feels good to me when you make your wealth available to others.”

7 — A purchase or acquisition (weak and problematic!) — blessing someone for something they bought might only be blessing one of their emotional wounds. For example, “I love awesome new red Corvette.” This may only be blessing someone for their wounded aspect, from which they only bought the expensive car to look more important, be important, get dates, or impress people. We recommend staying away from this.  However, you can bless the person for the way they chose to buy a thing. For example: “I enjoy it/feel good when I see your jewelry choices and the jewelry you are wearing”. Again, blessing someone using any of the top 3 forms of blessing is MUCH more powerful and effective.

How Often To Bless

Depends on how much good in the world you want to do. Want to do more good? Bless more! Dave has even blessed people he doesn’t like, and told the person he didn’t like them — yet blessed them anyway. That formed a mutual respect between them even though they didn’t like one another.

Respect is more important than appeasing people and liking them. We may not like certain people but we can respect them.

Who To Bless 


Many, many people. How about those closest to you?  Parents, siblings, grandparents? Significant other? Friends? I enjoy blessing people I meet now and then — grocery store deli workers, checkout workers, doctors. I usually can authentically find some blessing with people that I like, because I can always feel something in my experience to comment on. It could be as simple as saying, “thank you for taking the time to look at me.” Or, “I love that you chose a Minions sticker to wear — you are fun!” Or, “you seem really happy.”

I have also blessed some people I didn’t particularly like, when I found something I could authentically point out. My blessing shifted their energy.

However, don’t get me wrong — I do not feel I’m in a “blessing space”  all the time. In fact, I have experienced so much suffering over the last 5 years, with so little available bandwidth, that I kept to myself. I could only think of saving my beloved — connecting with others would have only made me feel the terror and pain of my suffering. I would have benefited from blessing people more, but I could not bring myself to do that.

My point is that I would have been greatly helped by receiving a blessing. I do not know who is suffering. I realize that a simple blessing could change a person’s mood, reality, or even their life. Do you know who is suffering? Imagine what would happen if you blessed many people, including those who desperately need someone to acknowledge them as fellow humans!

How Blessings Help Humanity — A Message From The Oracle

When you offer someone a blessing of truth from your heart, you not only help activate heart energy in that other person but also in yourself. When heart energy is activated, it radiates outward in ever expanding circles. Can you see where this is going?

The more we humans bless one another and receive blessings from one another, the more heart energy is released around the planet.

Heart energy is the energy of Love, the most powerful force in the universe. When this force is unleashed to even a fraction of its capacity, it activates incredible deep healing for humanity and for the planet in general. 

The more we bless, the more Love we feel and the more healing we experience for not only ourselves but for all of humanity.