The Way of the MAGI – Transform Yourself

The Way of The MAGI Is A Path of Modern-Day Magicians To Master The Use of Integral Knowledge That All Reality Is Energy, Then Direct Energy To Transform Themselves & Their World In Service To Humanity & Its Destiny. Blessing Guide

The Way of The MAGI – A Path of Modern-Day Magicians To Transform Yourself

Dave Donatiu, inhabiting an archetypal role of MAGI

MAGI, a modern-day magician, masters the use of integral knowledge that all reality is energy, then direct energy to transform themselves & their world in service to humanity and its Destiny.

I consider myself a MAGI in training, which began at age 17 with my first spiritual awakening. It confirmed a knowing that more was going on in the world than anyone around me talked about, EVER.

The Way of The MAGI – Overview

The Way of the MAGI is a path of modern-day magicians to master the use of integral knowledge that all reality is energy, then direct energy to transform themselves & their world in service to humanity and its Destiny.


By January 15th, check back for content and resources on how you can use The Way of The MAGI to change your life, in addition to The Paradox Cure.

Why We Use The Names – ORACLE & MAGI

ORACLE and MAGI are roles we inhabit. They are archetypes – universal prototypes – for ideas shared among cultures, often through stories and mythology.


Archetypes Carry Great Power

Archetypes carry great power. The archetypes of ORACLE and MAGI have been in human culture for thousands of years, and have accumulated millennia worth of energetic contribution from millions of people. When we connect with the role of an archetype, we avail ourselves of the power imbued within it.

In addition, Archetypes create an energetic expectation. When you encounter people in these archetypal roles of ORACLE and MAGI, you have certain expectations about what they may do or say. Your expectations add energy to the roles and helps make them stronger and more effective.

Archetypal Roles Helps Get Ourselves & Egos Out of the Way

When we focus and connect with the energy of an archetypal role, we more easily get ourselves “out of the way” so we can act and think from its vast perspective instead of from our more limited personality-perspective of Talyaa and Dave. We get our egos out of the way, and more easily step into something greater than we could possibly do on our own.

Also, we can more effectively reach many people to broadcast our message. We serve Destiny and ultimately serve the world more effectively as ORACLE & MAGI.

Quickly Uncover & Live Your Destiny

EVERYONE is special. We are here in part to help you uncover and claim your specialness, your extraordinariness. To be extraordinary, you must own your Destiny. Owning your roles in humanity’s tapestry helps you more quickly uncover and live your Destiny.

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

MAGI – An Overview

A MAGI is the role of a modern-day magician, a master of creating form out of energy, and a master of imagining, facilitating, planning, creating, and organizing.

A MAGI understands and sees how energies – seen and unseen – operate, and how they manifest in the human body. As such, a MAGI is able to understand the human psyche and motivations at a deep level, and positively influence how people interrelate in relationships and organizations.

A MAGI’s perspective focuses on real-world applications of the unseen – what we might think of as magic for lack of a better word – to create form, to manifest, and to use their knowledge to make the world better.

MAGI is the plural of MAGUS (a member of an ancient hereditary Persian group of priests), but MAGI sounds cool and feels better to me than MAGUS, so I use the plural form – MAGI. Historically, the MAGI understood the movements of the stars and heavens. They brought new sciences and ways of building, and taught a way of peaceful living in settled communities.

The MAGI later became known as kings in Christian mythology but this was a misnomer, as they were simply men who sought and followed truth.

A Deeper Understanding of My Experiences & Perspectives


I am a MAGI (a modern day magician and master facilitator of process), health warrior, truth sayer, life igniter, functional medicine practitioner, Argentine tango dancer and devoted soulmate and husband. I feel into people’s inner being and can uncover within 20 minutes what stops them from living fully. Together with my beloved soulmate and wife, Talyaa Liera, my Destiny is to lead individuals to own the truth of who they are and what they came here to do (their Destiny).

First Spiritual Awakening

At 17 I read Richard Bach’s Illusions which ignited my first spiritual awakening. This powerful book confirmed my suspicions that life holds great human potential, beauty, and unseen realities.  Illusions compelled me to imagine what life could be if its words were even remotely true—magical, magnificent and full of wonderment!  In my awakening an unseen presence & guide laid out my life’s purpose—to powerfully heal, grow, and transform and assist others to do the same. I devoted my life to doing just that. Later I realized to love and be loved was integral to my life’s purpose.

Aligned With How The World Could Be

I challenge beliefs and existing social structures, constantly aligned with a strong inner sense of How the World Could Be. My challenges irk people and power structures. By holding people to account and demanding integrity I have stimulated many organizations and business to change major ways they conduct themselves.

Paradox Cure — Transformation By Running Towards What You Fear

In the 19 years that followed my first spiritual awakening, I sought the answer to a question unseen allies gave me during that awakening — What drives all healing, growth, and transformation?  The answer — ACCEPTANCE. Using that concept I gave birth to my unique approach, The Paradox Cure, that facilitates people to uncover and transform whatever stops them from living fully.

I knew how powerful The Paradox Cure was, because over the 19 years following my awakening, I devoured over 400 how-to books in personal and business transformation, while investing over $100K and 1,000’s of hours in personal transformation work. I experienced first-hand how and why almost all other paths of healing, growth, and transformation were quite ineffective and painfully slow — most paths create more resistance, NOT acceptance, through trying to program, control or direct what our body and psyche knows how to do best. We really do NOT know better than our bodies and psyches!

Lead Men & Completely Devoted To My Wife

I lead men by facilitating men’s work and modeling how to fully devote and surrender to a beloved in relationship.  My wife Talyaa would have died from her two terminal cancers and several debilitating medical conditions had I not devoted nearly all my life energy for 4.5 years as a caregiver, developing and delivering her radical healing treatments, and transforming myself when that was the only way I could save her.

She inspires me daily and I blissfully give myself completely to our relationship and to her.  Men from around the country share how my devotion to Talyaa inspires them to become better partners, lovers, husbands, and men.

Health Challenges

Since age 17, I have suffered greatly from chronic late stage Lyme disease and its co-infections, congenital spinal and hip defects, near-constant pain, fallout from two full hip replacements, heavy metal poisoning, and a number of debilitating health conditions that are taking years to reverse or recover from including arteriosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, esophagitis, IBS, and cognitive debilitation.

After years of seeking help from the medical community I discovered that no one could actually help me with my health challenges.  I chose to take full responsibility to heal myself by spending thousands of hours to educate myself in functional medicine (what most doctors don’t know) and how to navigate our modern-day medical system.

Champion of Transforming Modern Medicine Into An Ally For Optimal Health

I champion that every one of us terminates our ludicrous attitudes that doctors know what is best for our health, as well as the belief that we can’t reverse many medical conditions and will become debilitated with age.  Doctors that hold these beliefs are simply inaccurate and repugnant in their terrifying arrogance that they think they KNOW. The best doctors I have met admitted that they know only a little, and ultimately can only recommend options that may or may not help.

We can achieve extraordinary vitality and structural integrity when we use functional medicine and WORK EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY to do what it takes for health.  Modern-day medicine has its place in our health, but the medical community does not know their place, an important but partial role in achieving optimal health.

Once the medical community learns humility and understands how utterly mistaken and rigid in their understanding of human health, perhaps they can fulfill their Destiny to become effective allies in cultivating superhuman vibrant aliveness instead of the enemies they often are now — tearing apart the body with their devastating allopathic and totalitarian attitudes.

Spiritual Mentors, Facilitators & Tantra Educators

I’m grateful that I have had the opportunity to do personal transformation work and learn from world-class spiritual mentors, facilitators, and Tantra educators including Sai Maa, Charles Bebeau, Baba Dez Nichols, Charles Muir, many men in the Mankind Project, and leaders in Landmark Education and Avatar.

In addition, my beloved and I immersed ourselves in multiple deep-dive experiential tantra education workshops where Source Tantra certified us as Tantra Educators. We also attended multiple workshops and gatherings, including several created and led by Kamala-Devi, where we experienced a community living tantric principles while exploring poly relationships.

Deep Intimacy In Relationships

One of my passions for over 3 decades is to express deep intimacy in relationships. I teach life intimacy and relationship skills to individuals and groups where couples grow closer in just minutes, feel more connected to themselves and to their partner(s), create more safety and power in their relationships, and stoke the fire of their desire for each other beyond what they knew was possible!

What Are You Waiting For?

For 50 years I have prepared and lead individuals to own the truth of who they are and do what they came here to do.  As a MAGI, health warrior, truth sayer, igniter of life, leader of men, soulmate, husband and lover in total devoted service to the ORACLE (Talyaa my wife) I stand ready to hold space for you to uncover and live your deeper truth, your Destiny.

The journey to live your Destiny can be terrifying and takes massive work — but I know this is why you are on this planet now — to do the work it takes to live your Destiny.  You could resist, but that is not why you came.  I am waiting for YOU!  Humanity is waiting for YOU!  What are YOU waiting for?

My Resume If You Will, For Those Who Want To Know Where I Have Sought Training & Mentoring

Academia, M.A.

M.A. — REGIS UNIVERSITY — Counseling Psychology

AVALON INSTITUTE — Jungian, Archetypal and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Full grad of master’s level program
  • Developed and taught hands-on psychotherapy training program for students
  • Mentored in Archetypal Breathwork as taught by the late Charles Bebeau, Ph.D.


  • Major in Communication Arts
  • Emphasis in Psychology

Change Modalities Explored and/or Learned

  • Bioenergetics
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Aspecting
  • Dialoguing
  • Shadow-work
  • Psychodrama
  • Jungian Analysis
  • Archetypal Psychotherapy
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Active Imagination
  • Archetypal & Transformational Breathwork
  • Self Acceptance Healing/ Hakomi
  • Tantric & Yogic Chakra Activations through breathe, sound, sacred spot healings
  • Gestalt
  • Feldenkrais
  • Rolfling
  • Massage
  • Hellerwork
  • Watsu
  • Trigger Point
  • Shiatsu
  • Acupuncture
  • Tui Na
  • EMDR

Western Group Approaches and Trainings


  • 25+ open weekends (Friday night through Sunday)
  • 4-day professional training and 2 weekend professional trainings
  • 70+ individual sessions

P.A.I.R.S. — Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills

  • 6 month relationship course with weekly workshop and 6 weekend workshops


  • 3 day transformation workshop by Marshal Sylver — Las Vegas

AVATAR COURSE — Produced by Star’s Edge International

  • Avatar Section I — 5 full days
  • Avatar Section II — 22 full days
  • Avatar Section III — 4 full days


  • Weekend workshop
  • Weekly group attendance


  • Forum
  • Advanced Course
  • SELP
  • IFLP (10 weeks)
  • Production Supervisor Assistant for the Forum
  • Production Supervisor for the Advanced Course
  • Nine 10-week seminars
  • Various other volunteer experiences

INSIGHT — Large Group Awareness Training

  • Level 1 Training — 7 full days

Other Achievements


  • Foundational workshop
  • Facilitator training
  • Facilitated MSR workshops with fraternities and community wide


  • Participated in several workshops training
  • Facilitated and trained others in NVI

DREAM TEAM — Dreams For Real — Madison, WI

  • Created, produced and facilitated two 12-week transformational courses


  • Created, produced and facilitated six 2 1/2 day transformational retreats


  • Revamped and ran the Singles Personals Ad Section
  • Produced and directed singles’ events
  • Presented free talks on How To Catch Your True Partner in a Sea of Fish
  • Created and led workshops on How To Catch Your True Partner in a Sea of Fish


  • Placed 3rd out of over 700 ski instructors for most returning clients
  • 2 promotions in 1 year
  • PSIA certified in 1 year

SALES AT AMERICAN T.V. — Madison, WI — #2 salesman in department shortly after being hired

Eastern Approaches and Wisdom Traditions

TANTRA — Certified Tantra Educator  (C.T.E. through Source Tantra)

  • ISTA LEVEL 1 & 2 SEXUAL SPIRITUAL SHAMANIC TRAINING by Baba Dez & ISTA facilitators (14 days)
  • Muir’s 3 Day Beginner Workshop
  • Assisted twice at Muir’s 3 Day Beginner Workshop
  • Assisted at Ken & Sharon’s 4 Day Beginner-Intermediate Workshop
  • Muir’s 3 Day Intermediate Workshop
  • Baba Dez’s 3 Day Intermediate Workshop
  • Stepped into Daka role for dozens of women
  • Educated clients on Tantric practices
  • Attended dozens of Pujas
  • Attended PolyPalooza by KamaDevi (4 days)


  • Core Power Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga — Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop
  • 50+ other teachers and 100’s of classes in various styles


  • Oom Yung Doe — 3 years including 1 weeklong seminar
  • Chung Moo Quan — 3 years
  • Shaolin Kung Fu — 2 different styles
  • Tai Chi
  • Chi Kung classes and workshops — taught by Ken Cohen


  • 2 years of weekly 3-hour classes
  • 2 years of monthly weekend retreats
  • Taught weekly class for 18 months


  • ISTA LEVEL 1 & 2
  • Basic Course in Shamanism with Foundation for Shamanic Studies (F.S.S.)
  • Produced, facilitated and/or participated in dozens of drumming circles
  • Created, produced and 5x facilitated 2 1/2 day Shamanistic retreat
  • Attended several Soul Retrievals
  • Maori Healing — Santa Fe, NM


  • Two 3-day workshops with Malidoma Somé
  • 15+ Friday night lectures and other events


  • Attended Karma Dzong meditation instruction and meditations
  • OSHO dynamic meditations and workshops
  • Sat with Bodhisattvas
  • Attended other meditation schools, sat and received instruction


  • Week long intensive — Vail, CO
  • One-on-one session with Sai Ma at her private residence — Crestone, CO
  • 2 days at Sai Ma’s Ashram — Crestone, CO
  • Meditations
  • Diksha
  • Other group events

Leadership Training

HOOFERS CLUBS — University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Elected two terms as President of Hoofer Outing Club
  • Organized and led dozens of Hoofer Ski Club trips and Hoofer Outing Club trips
  • Created and facilitated a Leader Training seminar
  • Hoofer Council Leader Training weekend retreats
  • Officer on Hoofer Council Board — 2 years


  • Current:  Active participation in Men’s groups through MKP since 1995
  • New Warrior Adventure Training — 3 days
  • Inner King Training — 4 days
  • 11 times staffed — 4 days each for New Warrior Adventure Trainings
  • Basic Staff Development Training (BSDT) — 2 days
  • Leader Training I (LT1)
  • Leader Training II (LT2)
  • 2 Guts Training — 2 days each
  • Co-Facilitated two 12 Week I-Group trainings
  • Active participation in I-group meetings — 1995-present
  • Samauri Game — 1 day


  • 23 day mountaineering course — Colorado mountains


  • Landmark, Insight (see Western Group Approaches & Trainings)
  • Toastmasters, Boulder CO Speakers Association, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, IBI (see Business Organizations & Activities)
  • MSR, NVI, Ski Instructor (see Other Achievements)

Business Organizations and Activities

TOASTMASTERS — 2 years active member


BOULDER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE — 2 years active member


  • 2 years active member
  • Two CIPA Colleges (4 day conference with workshops on Self-Publishing)


MARKETABILITY — Two day marketing seminar taught by Marketability, Inc.


BOULDER FOCUS CENTER — Participation in several focus groups

Artistic Expression


  • 4 1/2+ years of intensive training — average 35 hours+/ week
  • 47 festivals across nation — each (40+ hours of dancing over 5 days)
  • Danced in 43 cites — U.S.
  • 16 National Tango Tours
  • 5 weeks in Buenos Aires with 125+ hrs. intensive instruction
  • Ran own milonga and classes — Denver, CO
  • Traveled nationally as visiting Tango instructor and DJ in dozens of communities
  • DJ’ed at 2 national festivals


  • Worked at UW- Madison Wisconsin Union craftshop 4 1/2 years
  • Created installation of 40+ sculptures
  • Sculpted dozens of pieces

MUSICIAN — Played saxophone 3 years, Piano 1 semester, Violin 1 semester


  • Created/ Photographed 347 slide, 26 min. computer controlled slide show
  • 1st Place Award for most creative and best media show in Illinois presented at Illinois State Conference on Education
  • Produced, filmed & edited mocumentary for U.W. Madison Hoofers Outing Club
  • Produced, filmed & edited wedding DVD
  • Designed several websites, brochures, business cards and other promo materials
  • Created atmospheric rooms using visual, audio, kinesthetic and olfactory effects


  • 1 year worked as freelance videographer and grip
  • Videotaped 14 weddings